Vault Combination Cable Lock + Bike ID Kit

Type: Locks
Vendor: Vault
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The VAULT COMBINATION CABLE LOCK is a compact strong easy to carry and use entry-level lock, that comes with VAULT added identification and theft protection, which includes:

  • A BIKE ID KIT – RRP $24.95
    ☑ The BIKE ID KIT label set provides OVERT, COVERT and DIGITAL ID protection for your bike, warding off thieves and making it hard for them to de-identify and safely sell your bike.
  • Lifetime free registration on BikeVAULT – no ongoing fees.
    ☑ Ensuring your bikes identity is searchable for life;
  • VAULT Theft recovery support if your bike is stolen
    ☑ Expert support to aid in identifying and recovering your bike.


  •  Compact coil design and fixing bracket for ease of carrying or fixing on the bike, fits frames 25.4 mm to 30.8 mm in diameter.
  • 1.5 metre long – 12 mm diameter, tough armored plated steel cable.
  • Reflective PVC cable cover to protect against scratching the bike and for increased visibility when riding at night.
  •  Four-digit combination lock – no key required.

Note: No lock is impenetrable. To increase the odds of your bike not being stolen, it is very important to park your bike in a secure, visible and well-lit area and lock the frame and wheels to a solid structure.