Onza Ibex FRC RC2 Folding 60TPI TLR

Type: Tyre
Vendor: Onza
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The IBEX (or Capricorn) is known for fast, smooth and safe locomotion in mountaineous terrain, and the tire named after it is no different: Thanks to its wide open tread, you do not need to compromise on either loose gravel or in wet conditions.
No trail is too steep, no section too narrow and no root too slippery for this all round tire.

A great all-round tyre that you don't have to worry about when conditions switch up on you. Named after the Alpine goat that can climb rocky, jagged mountain faces without breaking a sweat. Wide open and ramped center knobs flow over terrain giving extra boosts of speed through tight single track or hard pack. Stable side knobs provide excellent traction on soft dirt to loose over hard and gravel ballz surfaces. Consistent cornering at mid and full lean will give any rider a power up in confidence.

Dual compound rubber utilises a softer rubber compound for the cornering lugs for max traction and the harder compound in the center for braking stability and durability. 

Available in a wide range of compounds, casing materials and 26" inch!

  • RC2 - Dual Compound 55a/65a
  • 890g
  • FRC - Freeride Casing 60TPI
  • Tubeless Ready