Avalanche Mini Max 12 Boys Bike
Avalanche Mini Max 12 Boys Bike

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Avalanche Mini Max 12" Boys Bike - Green 

Fork: Steel
Gears: Single Speed
Brakes: Back pedal
Wheels: 12" Steel

Age: 2 years to 4 years old

All bikes meet Australian Safety Standards. 

For Riders aged 2-4 years, the Mini Max has an oversized steel frame, with a low stand-over height and training wheels to make learning easier.

The bike will arrive in a box around 80-90% assebled. The bike will require some parts to be fitted as well as minor adjustments and fine tuning.

If you are not confident or you don't have much experience, we recomend you take the bike to your nearest bike shop to be assembled.  

For basic setup instructions please download the - BIKE SETUP GUIDE HERE