Jet Black Tack Lock On MTB Grip

Type: Grips
Vendor: Jet Black
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Tack Lock Grip
The team at JetBlack put their thinking helmets on and came up with the Tack grip, optimising our latest compounds to add highly effective dampening and create a balanced tacky feel.
The versatile size profile means the Tack grip suits a range of hand shapes.
Riders using this grip benefit from a comfortable hold without giving up that all important level of control on the trail.
Weve recently improved the Tack grip by adding a light weight Click-Fit cap system.

-Slim profile for direct trail feedback and control
-Advanced super tacky rubber delivers superior slip free performance
-Great shock absorption properties to reduce hand fatigue
-Maximum trail feedback for improved trail surface perception and control
-Water Proof Stays dry in all riding conditions

DIAMETER (mm) 30.5mm
GRIP / WITH LOCK-RINGS (mm) 118 / 138

Traction: Super Tacky

Conditions: All Weather