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Type: Locks
Vendor: Vault



Lacking bike identification aids bike thieves and the greedy black market traders who sell them with little fear of the stolen bike identified and them being caught!

The VAULT – BIKE ID KIT provides the solution to combat profit-driven bike theft, by providing OVERT, COVERT and DIGITAL identification protection to your bike plus, Lifetime free registration (no-ongoing fees) on the BikeVAULT website.
✔  Extra upload of 20 ID photographs when registering
✔  Personal theft recovery support if your bike is stolen

What’s in the kit:

  •  VAULT SHIELD – Alerting thieves your bike is marked and protected by BikeVAULT.
  •  SECURITY LABELS – High bond tamper evident labels with a proprietary UV Trace adhesive that leaves a hidden footprint in suitable painted / clearcoat surfaces. Included security labels:
  • 1 x QR Code label – Providing quick scan VAULT status (SAFE – STOLEN or FOR SALE) and Ghost ID stenciling, providing hidden identification, visible by black light torch when the label is removed.
  • 8 x Mini ID labels – Allow for discrete component identification.

    Note: UV Trace – Hidden Footprint and Ghost ID may not perform on all surfaces including e-coat, uncoated aluminum, steel and carbon fibre.